Nordstrand Soldering Helping Hands - Third Hand Solder Station Aid Tool with 6 Flexible Arms, USB Fan & Alligator Clips - Aluminum Stand with Storage for Iron & Parts - Hobby Vise Circuit Board Holder

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Manufacturer Description

Ever wanted an extra hand on a delicate job?
This Norstrand Helping Hands kit effectively gives you 6 extra hands. Each arm is flexible and very mobile so it can be moved into almost any position. The alligator clips have soft-touch, no-scratch grips and can rotate 360 degrees, giving you even greater range of motion. The arms are heat resistant and the base has a special place for your soldering iron. With anti-slip silicon feet, the sturdy aluminum base eliminates the risk of slips, twists or wobbles ruining your work. It also has 7 storage compartments to hold small items as you work. A USB-powered fan is included to suck smoke out.

A great gift for almost anyone
The Nordstrand Soldering Helping Hands was designed by and for home electronics enthusiasts but has proved a popular gift with all sorts of people. These helping hands have been working on all sorts of projects from building drones to home automation; beading to model making; stamp collecting to paper crafting... there are a thousand uses for extra hands. Easy to move, pack away and store, this is the ideal addition to any home workbench or hobby area. The arms are longer and more flexible than on traditional helping hands and hobby support devices so they are easy to use with other tools, such as a magnifying glass, special lighting or similar.

Product Features

GIVE YOURSELF 6 EXTRA HANDS Bring four parts together, support them with a couple of extra hands, and still have your own free to do the work! These crocodile clamp 'hands' have adjustable arms which can bend and rotate into almost any position eliminating frustration and improving accuracy. A USB-powered fan is included to cool your work as you go. MAKE SOLDERING EASY Designed for delicate electronics work, these alligator clamps are insulated and non-scratch. They can hold circuit boards, wires, motors and more. The soft-touch clips hold without scratching or pinching and rotate 360 degrees letting you easily adjust the exact position of each element. HELPS WITH ANY DELICATE JOB A sturdy aluminum base with anti-slip silicon pads eliminates the risk of tipping or slipping ruining your work. The base also has a special spot to keep your hot soldering iron, reducing the risk of burns. Arms can be moved out of the way without removing the item, letting it cool in place as you continue working. NEVER LOSE A SMALL PART Put something down and know exactly where to find it with the Nordstrand 3rd hand kit. The base has 7 compartments to store parts as you're working on them making it easy to find small parts, sort raw from finished products, and keep your work bench tidy. GIFT WITH A THOUSAND USES From building a racing drone to making jewelry, home automation to miniature painting, if you need an extra pair of hands (or three!) to help with delicate, detailed work then you'll appreciate these professional Nordstrand tools.

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