Door Push Plates

Door push plates are a common feature on many commercial property, especially in large commercial stores. This type of plate can be set into any wall, table or countertop. The process for setting it up is the same as setting up any other plate or appliance.

door push plates

First, measure the width and height of the plate you would like to use. Once you have the width and height, consider how many people are using the plate. If you're going to have guests come into the store, how many will you need?

Once you have decided on the number of guests or employees, measure the height of the table or counter where you plan to set the plate. Also measure the width of the space you have to work with. Depending on the style of the door you'll be using, the space you'll need could be limited.

Keep in mind that whatever style of door you choose, the area you have available will determine how long you need to wait to install the door push plate. Some areas have some hard to reach areas, or are considered unstable. If you have something like this in your space, a certain period of time will be needed to set the door, and the plates. Be sure to allow plenty of time to install the door.

Installation takes an average of an hour. For more information on the process, ask someone who works for a company that does residential door installation. They will be able to help you decide if the project is worth the time. If the costs seem prohibitive, the installation could cost a lot more.

You don't need to be an expert to install the plates. For most installations, a screwdriver, tape measure and a hammer are all you need. When the plates are in place, you can take advantage of the open floor plan of a retail store to check the location of the door.

You can see what locations look better by checking the floor plan. Plates should be set up on the side opposite the door you will be using. If the space is in the middle of the room, make sure the plates are set near the doorway, or you'll lose the use of the space.

If you're not installing a wall plate, consider adding something else to your space. If you have a countertop, you can add a tall, decorative or just plain old coffee cup. It's also possible to cover up the walls with a table or seating for your customers.

Doors are an important part of a retail store. Even if you don't have a line of customers walking in the door, you're still there to welcome them. Getting a retail store to choose your commercial door with plates, however, is another story.

If you live in a small town, you may have a local store that would prefer to install their own door. If you do, take the time to contact them and find out the process for installing their door push plates.

Before you decide to install your own door, make sure that they will have a big impact on your customers. You want to see that it's easy for them to get in and out of the store and enjoy the atmosphere. As they get used to them, your sales will definitely increase.