Ultra Strong Magnetic Swivel Hook Set - Powerful Hangers Best for Hanging Grill & Garage Tools, Banners, Tarps, Towels, Keys, Kitchen Utensils - Great for Refrigerator, Fridge, Cruise & RV Travel

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Manufacturer Description

Monster Magnetics Swivel Hook Magnets are attractive, minimalist, strong, and scratch-proof. Clean up the clutter and get organized with this simple and affordable solution. Scratch-Proof magnet caps now included! Hang your kitchen and grilling utensils and make some drawer space. Mount frequently-used or hard-to-store tools on the outside of your toolbox. Have extra hanging hooks inside and outside your locker. Hang a plant or suspend a work light from a steel ceiling. They work great on steel door frames, steel cabinets, shelves, and whiteboards. Ultimately useful when traveling. A godsend when you need extra hanging space in your hotel room, cruise ship cabin, RV, and camper. Have you ever shopped for magnetic hooks at Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, etc.? If you have, you'll already know that the selection is horrible. Then you get them home to find out that you wasted your money on weak magnets that don't work for what you really need. Now they're on the side of the fridge holding up expired pizza coupons. Sound familiar? Our magnetic swivel hooks are super high-quality and Scary Strong - ready for any job from hanging a wet towel or a coat on your hotel room door frame to hanging your purse under a table or in your locker, to mounting an extension cord or large wrench to the side of your toolbox. Magnet Pot & Hardware: Steel, Magnet: High-Grade Neodymium, Scratch-Proof Magnet Caps: Rubber, Magnetic Pull Force: 45 pounds*, Dimensions: 1-Inch (magnet + pot diameter) *The 45-pound magnetic force rating is based on laboratory evaluation with test equipment. Due to uncontrollable variables, this rating does not represent how much weight the magnets will hold when attached to a surface. In real-world applications, this would equate to direct-pull of the bare magnet (no rubber cap) on a flat, bare 0.5-inch thick iron surface. Paint, texture, rust, rough surfaces, other coatings, and certain environmental conditions can degrade the magnetic pull force.

Product Features

STRONG! Ultra-powerful neodymium rare earth swivel magnet hooks allow you to instantly mount your larger utensils, tools, purse, coat, calendar, banners, tarps, and even smaller items such as keys, necklaces and other jewelry, and much more! WELL DESIGNED! We've uncovered a design flaw that is present in most swivel magnet hooks on the market - the magnet pulling force is stronger than what the hook itself can support. Well, our hooks can because we've resolved the deficiency with better design. PRACTICAL! These super strong industrial strength neodymium rare earth swivel magnetic hooks are small and lightweight allowing you to use them in an unobtrusive manner to solve your storage problems - With Ease. We even have customers that use them to hang outdoor Christmas lights. The hooks are extremely mighty and unbelievably useful! ATTRACTIVE & MODERN! The shiny silver brushed nickel plated finish makes them not only corrosion proof and perfectly suitable for indoor or outdoor use, but also attractive enough to use anywhere - kitchen, garage (great on a tool box), classroom (perfect for white boards), locker (unlimited uses in school and gym lockers), office (awesome on filing cabinets, steel door frames), workshop (great tool hangers) - anywhere in your home or office! MULTIPURPOSE & PORTABLE! These high quality hooks are incredibly handy for travel. Hang wet towels, jewelry, and more in your cruise cabin, RV, and camper. You won't believe how many uses you will discover! Perfect storage accessory for Navy, Coast Guard, and civilian Sailors!

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